Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Urban Renewal Redesigned

I am working on redesigning the art work for next years Urban Renewal conference at Southlands. Comment Please. Let me know your thoughts.


Danica said...

Micah. You are [__best synonym for "awesome" here__].

This is grrrrreeeaaat!

Jason Leith said...

I think it needs more of a feeling of "renewal" to it. Perhaps something with the background color?

Anonymous said...

the impression I get is that the word is coming and the spirit is going, but, theologically speaking it would be the reverse, no? The word ascending and the spirit descending.

This is, hosever, not a qualm with the design. This is a beautiful image. I'd get the t-shirt for certain. I'd like to see more researched typeface decisions, but otherwise great!

I'd leave the background transparent so that you could apply the design to any background.

you should ask Paul Hoppe about these things. Have you met Paul?