Friday, November 28, 2008

Old Trucker:

Here is a little bit of experimenting with line work.

Covered in Cowardice:
 8"x8" Ink on Paper.

Adventures in Absent-mindedness:

2.5"x8" Ink on Paper.

I have been wanting to create more Adventures in Absent-mindedness,

But I keep Forgetting.



mel g said...

micah, i love the dragon so much, but the hermit crab is by far my favorite. i have a hermit crab line drawing, i can't do shading like you though. wonderful wonderful wonderful. thank you for a) arting and b) sharing.

Jason Leith said...

Gnarly stuff micah! that trucker character is excellent. I love looking at your line work and i want to learn how to do it really bad.

you should keep doing the absent minded comics too. you could do some really funny stuff with that concept.